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Prepare To Have Nightmares Forever: A Soccer Ball Sex Toy

Between superhero inspired sex toys and sex dolls that can talk, the sex toy industry has been keeping itself busy by creating all sorts of items to please fans of all demographics. There truly is something for whatever it is that you’re into, be that boring traditional stuff or more exotic sex toys, such as a soccer ball with furry spots and the face of a woman. Yes, you read that correctly.

Via http://joannecasey.blogspot.com/2010/02/perfect-woman.html

When one discovers a jarring image of a furry ball with eyes and a mouth, one begins to wonder if this is a “thing.” You know, people who are into sexy soccer balls. And while the fetish is not the most common, it does have precedent.

Inflatable sex doll balls can be purchased online. They’re probably comfortable and easy to use, because they’re small. They’re also inflatable and much less attention-grabbing than a blow-up doll, allowing you to stash them discreetly under your bed or someplace safe, which is also a plus.

Still, why a ball? It’s 2018 and you could literally own any sex toy in the world. Maybe because it’s cheaper? It certainly looks cheap. It also provides a service to its owners. According to sources, users with sex dolls can develop deep attachments to them. And people are really crazy about soccer. Anyway, please make sure this picture of a furry ball is seared into your brain.


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