Monday, December 6, 2021
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‘Queer Eye’ Star Is Opening A Restaurant In NYC 

Antoni Porowski, the culinary expert on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” confirmed in an interview that he’s planning on publishing a cookbook and opening up a casual restaurant in New York City.

While the Netflix revival has been extremely popular and successful, Porowski has rapidly become one of the show’s most debated topics, spawning dozens of memes and think pieces questioning his ability to cook, his importance in the Fab 5, his love for avocados, and mostly how freaking handsome he is.

During a cast interview with 92nd Street Y, Porowski mentioned his experience in the restaurant business and his plans for the future where he wants to open up his own business. “I’m all about cheese and pork belly and decadence, and as a result of the increased vanity of being on camera all the time and working out and eating healthy, I’m developing a fast-casual food concept restaurant that I’m gonna be opening here in New York,” he said.

Porowski is also very aware of the avocado memes, claiming that he’s releasing a cookbook where the fruit won’t be featured. You can check out the full interview below.


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