Monday, August 10, 2020
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Scott Pruitt Thinks The EPA Logo Looks Too Much Like Marijuana

Our nation’s 14th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has asked to have the EPA’s logo replaced because he think it looks a little too much like a marijuana plant.

The EPA’s log contains a flower and four leaves, representing all forms of environmental aspects: water, land, air and climate. But all Scott Pruitt sees is weed.

This nugget of information was revealed after Pruitt asked that a The revelation was part of a story about Pruitt’s alleged demands to change the EPA’s “challenge coin,” a small keepsake medallion of military origin. He wanted to make it bigger and without the EPA logo.

According to the New York Times: “Mr. Pruitt instead wanted the coin to feature some combination of symbols more reflective of himself and the Trump administration. Among the possibilities: a buffalo, to evoke Mr. Pruitt’s native Oklahoma, and a Bible verse to reflect his faith.”

Other ideas included using the Great Seal of the United States — a design similar to the presidential seal — and putting Mr. Pruitt’s name around the rim in large letters, according to a now retired EPA employee.

Pruitt’s anti-marijuana stance is no secret. When he was the AG of Oklahoma, he sued Colorado alleging the state’s recreational marijuana industry (approved by voters in 2012) could be harmful to neighboring states by “draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems.”

He was also accused of sabotaging a medical marijuana ballot initiative in Oklahoma to make sure it was rejected by voters.


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