The Old English Sheepdog is the stereotypical shaggy dog. It doesn’t shed, but its hair continues to grow! The Old English is known for its peek-a-boo hairdo, mellow nature, and bear like stature. Only after shedding its puppy coat does the Old English mature into its shaggy adulthood.

Underneath the double coat is a muscular breed with a big rump, standing 21-22 inches tall and weighing as much as 100 pounds. Though it doesn’t shed, to maintain its coat, the breed must be well brushed one to three hours every week. Otherwise, it’ll become a matted, dirty, dusty mess.

Here, we pay tribute to some of the most well-groomed Old English Sheepdogs on Instagram.


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Hello! Yes, I am here to help you make the bed. At your service.

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I went home with my humans 3 years ago today!

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King Henry


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