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Lots Of People Are Dropping Their AirPods Onto Subway Tracks

AirPods have always been a hotly debated topic. The tiny headphones that come with their small container/charging station are futuristic and comfy, but also small and easy to lose. You can’t stuff them down your pockets as you would with any other pair of headphones. The Bay Area transit system reports that these devices also have a tendency of ending up down the subway tracks.

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In an email exchange with Mashable, BART officials explain that this year 52 AirPods lost and found reports have been filed. If the rate keep up, this number will beat last year’s 80 filed reports.

BART’s Twitter account is surprisingly responsive, peppered with requests and comments from users who think they’ve dropped their AirPods down the subway’s tracks.

People really don’t want to lose the $159 they spent on their headphones.

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Always sympathetic, BART officials express their condolences when they deem the AirPods lost or let users know about the grabbing tool employees keep nearby in order to retrieve lost items.

“Keep them in your pocket when on escalators or the platform and while boarding the train,” advises a BART representative. “Besides falling into the trackway they can also easily fall in the gap between the platform and the train when boarding. Once on the train, just know if they fall out, you’ll be searching the floors of a likely crowded train car moving at speeds of up to 80 mph.”

I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, but do you really want to risk the possibility of having to fish for an AirPod down the subway’s tracks? That thing goes in your ear.


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