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Survey Discovers People Wear AirPods During Sex

Among the many articles written about the sex recession, the one headline that’s a definite head scratcher claims that a subset of people like to keep their AirPods in while having sex.

Take a minute to mull that over.

TickPick, an online ticketing service, conducted a survey of 1,000 people who are sexually active and interested in music. While TickPick doesn’t sound like the most reliable source of scientific information, they discovered that 17% of participants like to keep their little pods in when having sex.

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Other fun information includes:

  • Pop fans, the majority of them belonging to the youngest demographic surveyed, were the least likely to be satisfied in bed.
  • Nearly 80% of people with the same musical taste as their partner were satisfied with their sex lives. They had sex an average of eight times per month.
  • 43% of people who had different musical tastes as their partners claimed to be unsatisfied with their sex lives. They had sex an average of six times per month.
  • Fans of indie rock were more likely to be into BDSM.
  • Fans of heavy metal were the most likely to use contraceptives while fans of country were the least likely, with only 49% of them taking precautions.

No matter your thoughts on this survey and all of these interesting bits of data, you should still be shocked over the fact that 17% of people keep their AirPods in during sex. This knowledge gives a whole new meaning to all of those AirPod memes.

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People are really out there doing what they want. And you can bet Apple is thrilled with this tidbit of free marketing. Those little devices really do stay put.



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