Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Unicorn Frappuccino Has Nothing On This Barista’s Coffee Art

Working as a barista is a serious art. Achieving foamy deliciousness is difficult enough, but to produce visually stunning images is an entirely different story. This is why Starbucks baristas complained about the Unicorn Frappuccino—not only was it super popular, it was super hard to make.

But Korean artist Kangbin Lee puts virtually every barista artist to shame with his stunning artwork. These drinks carry a craftsmanship that you hear chefs discuss when they say we eat with our eyes. The visual treatment urges gastronomical enjoyment. If Lee’s drinks taste anywhere near as good as they look, every other barista should give up now.

What will potentially blow your mind is that Lee started crafting lattes for fun. He told Uproxx he works as both teacher and barista in South Korea. The drinks started as a side project for Lee and has gained some earned notoriety since.

According to Uproxx, Lee calls his drinks “cremart” and loves seeing his customers’ smiling faces in reaction to his work. You might not think so by the look of them, but Lee’s drinks are fully edible. He draws the pictures in the foam using chocolate sauce, espresso, and food coloring.

Check out some of our favorite creations by Lee, who says they taste as delicious as they look. We can only imagine.



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