Sunday, September 24, 2023

These Human Flesh Phone Cases Are Horrible For Obvious Reasons

These new phone cases look and feel like flesh, resulting in the most disturbing thing you’ll see today.

French scientists have developed some kind of artificial skin for your digital devices, just in case you want to feel closer to them. Because that isn’t creepy at all.

According to Gizmodo, the “Skin-On Interface” was designed as a more intuitive way of interacting with your electronics, creating more new methods of user input.

“When we interact with others, we use skin as interfaces,” says designer Marc Teyssier. “However the objects of mediated communication — such as the smartphone — still has a cold interface that doesn’t allow natural interaction and input. In this project, I wanted to make available the perfect human interface that is the skin for existing devices.”

You can interact with the skin cover in multiple ways, prompting different reactions. You can pinch it, tickle it and poke it, because who hasn’t thought of doing that to their phone, right? Totally normal.

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The cover is available in two styles: “simple,” which is creepy looking, and “ultra realistic,” which makes your phone look like a decomposing piece of human flesh or a really ugly block of soap.

Despite the terrible visual, the skin covers contain some really interesting technology that’s made up of multiple layers that interact in complex ways. According to the video, the cover prompts reactions in the phone by touch, with the tech knowing where you’re holding it and responding to your different actions. The skin covers can be applied to other tech devices, like track pads, smart watches and more, in case you want to have these features anywhere else.

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None of this makes me want to buy one, but it does make me curious about the future of this kind of technology. Maybe you can a piece your Alexa device and make the device even more creepy and realistic.


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