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This Adorable Dog Exchanges Money For Treats

Photo by freddie marriage via Unsplash

Holly is a smart dog who enjoys scavenging and snooping around the house, but from a very early age she demonstrated an affinity for money, which is weird for a dog, right?

When Holly was a puppy she used to rummage through her owner’s bag, finding dollar bills, stash them in different places, and run around the house with them as if they were toys. Casi Cook explains that the only way to stop her from destroying the money was to offer her treats and to then exchange them for the bills. Which is a genius move from Holly’s part. For her owner, we suggest a little more organization? It’s not cool to keep your bills laying around in your purse.

Cook works at a restaurant, which explains why Holly grew up surrounded by so much cash. According to the Huffington Post, Holly is able to recognize the sound of her owners counting dollars.

“When Holly hears us counting money, within seconds she is sitting with her head right on your lap nudging your hands until you give her a dollar.”

Holly is so cute that her owners can’t resist her strange quirks, which has led to her having two piggy banks laying around the house for her pleasure, which she uses to “pay” for her treats.

“When we are at the dinner table, she will quietly walk up to one of us and just gently place a dollar on our laps and look at us with that puppy face”

Aside from being a pretty savvy business dog, Holly also enjoys to sit down on the dining table surrounded by her family. Pretty adorable.

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