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This Is The Best Day And Time To Find Cheap Airfare

Although traveling is a universal pleasure, flying is not. The whole process that ranges from purchasing expensive tickets, to waking up at an ungodly hour and spending hours in an airport where you’re forced to eat bad and expensive food is pretty awful. Despite the fact that the airport will always be the worst, people — specifically Millennials — are traveling now more than ever, spending their savings on memorable experiences.

Skyscanner, a popular travel website, conducted an in-depth look into their flight data and found some interesting information that can help you find cheaper tickets in 2019.

According to their research, the best way of ensuring that you’ll find a cheap ticket is by looking for flights on Sundays at 5 a.m., contradicting common belief that the official best days to look for tickets are Tuesdays.

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The data gathered also suggests that the cheapest month to buy plane tickets in 2019 will be January, with an estimated round trip flight valued at $500. February and August are your next best bets. Skyscanner reports that you should book domestic flights two to three weeks in advance, giving you some room to mull things over before swiping your credit card. When it comes to international trips, the site recommends a little more planning and organization, claiming that the best prices are found five to six months in advance of your trip.

You can find more results from Skyscanner’s research, where they go into much more detail regarding the best days to book flights to London, Cancun, Paris, and other popular travel spots.


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