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This Job Requires You To Care For 55 Cats While Living Rent-Free In Greece

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Photo via God's Little People Cat Rescue/Facebook

If you like to be surrounded by cats and want to live rent free on a gorgeous Greek island, your dream job just became available. For real.

God’s Little People is a beautiful cat sanctuary on the shore of Syros that’s looking to hire someone to take over cat sitting duties. The cat rescue is run by Joan and Richard Bowell, who have saved the lives of dozens of stray cats over the years.

The couple posted an ad on Facebook explaining that they were moving to New York and needed someone to take over their duties. The job position is a permanent one, requiring the new hire to move to Greece for a minimum of six months in order to take on the responsibilities of the cat shelter. The employee would have to live in the house and look after the cats for about four hours a day. The cats need feeding and medication, and some even demand extra attention since they’re deemed as “non-sociable.” All expenses aside from food will be covered, and the salary is around 600 pounds a month (about $763). It’s not a lot, but you’re already living in a house for free and prices in Greece are much cheaper.

The requirements of the job include having a passion for cats, the ability to drive a manual car, and being a person who appreciates nature, solitude and peacefulness.

Before you quit your job and move to Greece in order to fulfill your true cat calling, be aware that the ad has received an immense amount of interest. The couple announced that they’d received thousands of applications from all over the world and that they’ve had to hire extra help to look through the applicants. They’ll be scheduling Skype interviews by the end of August and the job’s expected to kick off fully by November 1.

You can check out the full Facebook post below for more information.

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