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This ‘Peppa Pig’ Makeup Tutorial Is The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See Today

There’s a freaky make up tutorial video making the rounds that shows girls how to look like the Peppa Pig cartoon character.

There’s something about Peppa Pig that stresses the world out. Maybe it’s the panic she ensues with her disturbing enormous height (it’s rumored she’s over 7-feet tall) or the fact that she causes little kids to talk with a British accent. Whatever the reason, she remains one of the most controversial cartoon characters in a long time.

Now, there’s a bizarre make up tutorial that’s bringing Peppa back into the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The video, which claims to be family friendly (lies!), shows YouTuber Jody Steel doing an elaborate make up routine that makes her look like Peppa, although she also looks like something out of “American Horror Story.” The creepy kids’ music and pitch black background isn’t helping either.

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Steel is a very talented make up artist, having similarly strange videos on her channel that show different make up routines for characters like Detective Pikachu, Forky from “Toy Story 4”, a shark and some monsters from the anime series “Attack on Titan.” Steel appears to enjoy the challenge of creating realistic make up renditions of complex subjects like animation and, well, a shark.

She should own her weirdness because these make up tutorials are freaky and super easy to watch.


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