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This Tokyo Cafe Lets You Drink Coffee Alongside Adorable Piglets

Adding another animal to the strange yet delightful experiment of animal cafes is Mipig, a coffee shop in Tokyo that allows you to have a drink while sitting next to, petting or looking at an adorable piglet.

The coffee shop opened in March and it’s the first of it’s kind, featuring tiny piglets that are capable of fitting inside a teacup. A cafe spokesperson explains that these pigs are not a special breed and that they’ll grow up into bigger sizes. For the moment, they’re just really small and adorable.

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mipig farmで12月に生まれた赤ちゃんたちがついにみなさまへお披露目👏🏻✨とーっても可愛い子たちなので、ぜひ、足を運んでみて下さい🐾 ・ @mipigcafe ・ \HP公開と予約スタート/ お待たせいたしました! ぜひ、ご覧ください🐷💕 ご予約はこちらから☟ ・ 2.22〜24のプレオープンを経て、 以下を変更させて頂きます。 ・ 営業時間 10:00〜20:00(不定休) 予約 フロア指定→人数でのご予約制に ・ cafe運営方針は「ブタさんファースト」となります。ブタさんの様子をみながら、cafe運営を行ってまいりますので、ご了承くださいませ🙏 ・ マイクロブタさんのおうち“mipigcafe”は、3/1(金)まもなくオープンです。みなさまにお会いできること、楽しみにしております🐾 ・ ●● #mipig#マイピッグ#mipigcafe#マイピッグカフェ#マイクロブタ#マイクロブタさんのおうち#ブタさんのおうち#meguro#目黒#cafe#目黒カフェ#動物好きな人と繋がりたい#マイクロブタのいる生活

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Piglets have gained a lot of popularity in the U.S., with many celebrities adopting them as pets. According to CNN, piglets aren’t as famous in Japan, which explains why the idea of Mipig was largely embraced.

“We would like Japanese people to feel more familiar with the animal and eventually become a beloved member of the family,” said the cafe via statement. The idea of the cafe started out as a Camp-fire proposal – a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter – that pulled in over twice the amount of money that was initially asked for.

Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to animal cafes, having spots where you can have a coffee surrounded by owls, dogs, hedgehogs and stuffed animals.


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