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To Win ‘Jeopardy!’, Contestants Better Know Their Marijuana And LSD History

If you have any plans to try out for “Jeopardy!”, you should study up on your drug history. Lately, the hit game show that tests the trivia knowledge of contestants has experimented with incorporating some more…chill questions into the mix.

Take this one for example, which was first pointed out by Marijuana Moment. On the episode airing April 9 of this year, host Alex Trebek asked what “bitter buds” connected beer to the cannabis family and also provided some essential flavoring to the liquid. The first contestant answered incorrectly “hemp.”

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Quickly, super champion and professional sports gambler James Holzhauer buzzed in and correctly answered “hops.”

Then there was this question on April 22 about the first legal sale of recreational marijuana in Denver. The clip’s worth watching just to hear Trebek say, “Bubba Kush.”

And finally, we had a $2,000 challenge question on an episode this month tying to a well-known psychedelic. “In the name of a well-known hallucinogen, it comes before ‘acid diethylamide’.” Once again, Holzhauer came in with the right answer of “lysergic,” as in LSD.

We always knew “Jeopardy!” was a family-friendly show, but who would’ve thought it’d be a drug-friendly program, too?


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