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Toronto Won The NBA Finals And ‘You Can Smell That Marijuana Is Legal In Canada!’

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel via Unsplash

On Thursday night the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals for the first time in team history. Since 1993, no professional Canadian team in the four major sports—NBA, MLB, NHL, or the NFL—had won a championship until the Raptors victory this season. Suffice to say, Canadians had something to celebrate.

And boy did they celebrate.

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Particularly in Toronto where denizens of the city swarmed the streets. Television anchors reporting live from the scene noted the jubilant and festive atmosphere coursing through the Canadian city. But they also sniffed something else in the air. As one TSN anchor coined it, “You can also smell marijuana is legal here in Canada.”

That wasn’t the only insistence of people on the ground feeling a contact high, either.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was instrumental in pushing adult-use legalization in Canada, also joined the fun. No word yet if he also enjoyed the fact marijuana is legal in Canada.

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