Monday, November 28, 2022

Twitter Is Testing Out An Encrypted Messaging Feature

Messaging apps are very useful for people who don’t feel like texting. This could be due to several reasons; because messaging apps are safer, because users don’t want to pay for texts, or because they want to communicate with someone who lives in a different country. Most social media apps have their own version of messaging and Twitter is planning on expanding their own, making it safer and more comfortable to use.

According to Mashable, Twitter is testing end-to-end encrypted direct messaging, which they’re calling “Secret conversation.” This feature will be a part of Twitter’s direct message, the way in which users communicate privately, and it’ll be located in the conversation info section of the app.

End-to-end encryption is one of the main perks of messaging apps and is present in WhatsApp, Signal, and others. It guarantees that the messages exchanged will only be read by the users involved in the conversation. This means that the company who made the app or people who want to intercept your message will not be able to read whatever you sent.

This safe messaging feature may prove to be very useful for Twitter, especially since it’s a place where users can contact companies, journalists, and all sorts of people. End-to-end encryption would give them the ability to communicate safely whenever they contact someone, especially when they’re transmitting important or delicate information.



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