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Twitter User Shares Hack To Delete Hundreds Of Emails With A Few Clicks

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Maintaining a clean inbox takes a lot of work. The more you’re active online, the more you use your email. This also makes it susceptible to spam, unwanted newsletters and other subscriptions. Not only does this clog your inbox with a mix of important content and mails that are complete trash, it makes it difficult to differentiate between the two. Plus, it’s just plain exhausting. Luckily, there are people out there who know how to take care of this problem and are willing to share their secrets.

Twitter user Franchesca Ramsey tweeted a thread pointing out simple steps that can help clean-up inboxes in just 10 minutes day.

The thread quickly went viral, with thousands of people liking the comments and praising Ramsey for her advice. Many people were shocked that Ramsey only had a thousand unread emails, proving they had it way worse:

How do you live, guys?

Check out the full thread here and get to cleaning.

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