Used iPhone X Devices Are Still Incredibly Expensive

They're more expensive than some brand new smartphones.

Used iPhone X Devices Are Still Incredibly Expensive
Photo courtesy of Apple Inc.

Used electronics are amazing, giving you the chance to use the sharpest technology for a much cheaper price. But when it comes to purchasing used smartphones it’s a little bit more complicated; these devices are upgraded once a year, introducing new features and software updates, so there’s a chance that the technology might be obsolete by the time you purchase one. The iPhone X might be the exception to this rule. Since the device is worth over $1,000 and features the best technology available, you might expect a longer shelf life and the capacity to handle more updates than the average phone. Too bad a used iPhone X is still pricier than most new devices.

Mashable reports that the average resale price of the iPhone X is at 85 percent of the original. In comparison, other iPhone models are sold at 65 percent of the original price half a year after they originally came out. A used iPhone X is ranked as 25 percent more expensive than any other used phone. According to a B-stock research specialist, these prices are also affected by the high demand of iPhone X in the United States.

Even though it’s annoying that the device is still so expensive, it means that it’s working well and that users are getting their money’s worth.

It’s unknown whether Apple will make a new version of the iPhone X or if they’ll scratch the model completely since it’s too expensive and it might not make sense for their business. In a a year or two there might not be a new iPhone X, so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to take a chance and purchase a used version of the device.

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