Monday, December 6, 2021
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Watch A Daydreaming News Anchor Panic After She Realizes She’s On The Air

Who hasn’t been lost deep in a mesmerizing daydream, thinking about the past weekend or an upcoming vacation or anything at all, when a coworker or teacher rudely interrupts you to bring you back to reality? No one, I’d argue. But not everyone has this happen to them while they’re live on the air as a news anchor.

The clip below shows just such a thing happening to Australian ABC News 24 anchor Natasha Exelby last week. When a segment ends and the shot returns to Exelby, viewers can see her intently fiddling with her pen, thinking of who knows what. A second or two pass before she realizes she’s back on the air, at which point she makes the most shocked face any of us have ever seen.

She soon composes herself and tries to return to the broadcast. “Now to sport with Meredith Sheehan,” she says.

By that time, of course, it was too late—her fate as an viral moment on the internet was sealed.

Making matters somewhat worse for Exelby is the fact that the clip was tweeted out by her own company, ABC News.

“That feeling when you’re caught daydreaming at work :)” @ABCmediawatch wrote in a tweet that’s since been retweeted over 6,100 times.

Watch the incredible clip below:


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