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WATCH: ‘South Park’ To Tackle Canada Legalizing Cannabis And Vaping

Screenshot via South Park/facebook

In recent years, episodes of Comedy Central’s South Park has become increasingly topical in its stories and jokes. Thanks to the show’s famed production only taking six days to complete, it allows creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to reference politics and news that occurred within the same week.

As readers of The Fresh Toast likely know, this Wednesday marijuana goes legal for recreational sales in Canada. That happens to coincide with the show’s airing date. And it appears that South Park has something to say about it—or at least a joke to make.

Comedy Central shared a promo clip for the episode on its Facebook page, and we see Stan wearing a “100% Hemp” shirt. The show will also address the teen vaping craze spreading across the nation. In the clip, Kyle confronts Butters for selling what it appears to be Juul pods to underage kids.

Though we’re not sure how intensely Parker and Stone will address legal cannabis, we do know that we’ll be watching. Considering all the jokes South Park has made Canada’s way in the past, we’re sure this will be worth your while.

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