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Watch This Guy Recreate A ‘Flaming Homer’ And Other Cocktails From ‘The Simpsons’

Duff Beer and doughnuts are two fake foodstuffs that are pretty hard to eff up. But the cocktails featured on “The Simpsons” are a total mess, a pleasure not to have existing in real life.

That didn’t stop Cocktail Chemistry from attempting to recreate literal versions of a few choice drinks from the show, including Skittlebrau (beer and Skittles) and the Flaming Homer, which Homer invented during an episode where he was booze desperate and combined the end bits of every liquor bottle in his cupboard, including a bottle of kids cough syrup. Fortunately, Cocktail Chemistry had the good sense to make a more palatable version of this drink, minus the Dimetapp and “21 run” booze.

A  more challenging recreation involved a single plum, perfume, and a man’s hat. Watch for yourself. Two of the drinks are worth a home bar attempt.

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