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Women Are Eating This Fast Food After Sex To Boost Fertility

Boost Fertility
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Smoking a cigarette after sex may look super cool in the movies, but according to a new study, it’s more realistic that women will reach for something else after sex: French fries.

According to a survey by Channel Mum, most couples have attempted some crazy technique to increase their chances of conceiving. The top tricks include:

  • “Bicycling” your legs for at least three minutes while lying on your back  (58 percent)
  • Using reverse psychology and telling yourself you don’t want a baby, then have a wild night out and forget about ‘trying’ (39 percent)
  • Eating dark chocolate every day (37 percent)

Three percent of couples tried eating McDonald’s fries right after sex in hopes of boosting their chances of conceiving. And 5 percent believed sleeping on green bed sheets and/or wearing green to bed (the color of fertility) would do the trick. A tiny portion of men even tried wearing frozen underwear.

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard says:

Falling pregnant isn’t always easy so couples who have been trying a while will attempt almost anything to help. While there isn’t much medical science to back up these tips, our members swear they have all helped and we have hundreds of bouncing new babies to prove it.

According to sexologist Logan Levkoff, stressing out about getting pregnant can actually reduce your chances of conceiving. She tells Parents Magazine that baby making shouldn’t be goal oriented, it should be fun. Women who orgasm have a better chance of getting pregnant, because the contractions of the uterus “suck” up sperm. If your idea of sexy times is a set of green sheets and frozen balls, you’re doing it wrong.

So the next time you have to choose between enjoyable sex and fast-food, don’t be dumb. Have fun in bed and leave the fries for your future pregnancy cravings.

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