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You’ll Never Guess Why This Video Of A Rolling Lemon Went Viral

It doesn’t take much these days to attract the attention of social media. Case in point, this video of a lemon rolling down a hill that has already amassed more than 100,000 likes and nearly 10 million views on Twitter. And nobody is more surprised of its hyper popularity than the guy who posted the video.

Mike Sakasegawa from San Diego tweeted, “I was walking home after my run, I saw a large lemon rolling down the hill. It kept rolling for about a quarter mile. And now you can see it, too.”

After less than two minutes, the lemon comes to a stop. The end.


For whatever reason, the Little Lemon That Could hit a nerve with social media users, who couldn’t get enough of the wayward fruit.

Mike too the little guy home, washed him up, weight him (it tipped the scale at half a pound) and snapped a pic. No lemon has ever seen a better day. The question is: did it eventually get made into juice? A pie? A cleaning solution? We may never know.

A day after the lemon video went viral, Mike tweeted: “If you want to know how my day is going, one of my coworkers just came into my cubicle and asked me to sign half a lemon and take a selfie with him. This is not typically part of my workday.”

Your social media status is only going to go downhill from here, Mike. Pun intended.


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