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Watch What Happens When Bad Dog Pushes Cat’s Head Into Snow

Bad Dog Pushes Cat's Head Into Snow
Screenshot via Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez

We don’t want to get into the debate over whether cats or dogs make better pets. Both animals have their pluses and minuses, and we’ve covered both more or less equally. That said, there’s no question which one is the bigger dick in this particular video, which shows a cat named Kiwi pawing around in the snow before his dog friend named Katniss comes along to ruin everything by smashing the cat’s face completely into the snow.

The video was filmed in early December in Quebec, Canada by Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez, who posted the clip to Facebook and YouTube where it has been viewed 290,000 and 601,000 times respectively. Watch it below.

What we don’t see is the aftermath of the brutal snow dunk. Did Kiwi get his revenge and swat Katniss on the nose? Did Katniss dunk Kiwi again? Did Lindsay intervene? We may never know, but we do know that this is a video worth watching.

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