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Someone Snuck Onto A Roof And Projected A Game Of Super Mario

What tube do we have to jump down to enter this gaming level? Spotted in San Francisco’s Lower Haight neighborhood, a game of Super Mario Brothers played out on the second story of a building — and no one will fess up to this noble feat.

SF Gate reports:

“Dan Jackson, a Lower Haight resident, was walking down Haight Street near Fillmore Street around 5:45pm when he noticed it. It appears someone was playing Super Mario Bros., projected onto the wall above Love Haight Computers, next to a CVS pharmacy.”

Jackson tweeted a video of the game in progress:

Most of the San Francisco based blogs have either contacted Love Haight Computers to find out who was behind this spectacular setup, or called for hotline tips from readers who might know more, but so far none have cracked the Mario mystery. Can’t imagine that the computer geeks downstairs would have anything to do with projecting a retro Nintendo game on the side of their building, but we’ll leave that to the local detectives.

San Francisco has a history with the Super Mario franchise. Everyone knows Koopatraz State Prison is based on the real-life Alcatraz. Luigi also visits the city in Mario is Missing! Throughout the game, he collects tips and tidbits from the locals, like “This city was named for Saint Francis of Assisi in 1776” and, “If you’re wandering around in a fog and feeling crabby, have some Dungeness crab on San Francisco sourdough.” Perhaps whoever hooks the projector up next will give that one a try.

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