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This Guy Is A Better Cyclist Than You and Everyone Else Too

How much testicular fortitude do you require to attempt a stunt like this? A lot, right? By my calculations, Lance Armstrong (allegedly) couldn’t attempt a stunt like this because [This redaction brought to you by Livestrong] and we all know the effect (alleged) injections have down below.

Anyways, this guy is my 10-year-old self’s hero. I might buy a bike just to try this out (plus: I live in Austin; the bike thing was bound to happen eventually). That being said, my present self adores the frontman of the pack riding the scooter. Watch as he notices Cyclist Superman zoom past his left, and he goes “Look, ma, no-hands!” to capture a few snapshots of the moment. If he pulled out an iPhone and selfied, I might self-combust. It would be the end of content. How else would we go up from here?

Thank god he didn’t, though. If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more content.


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