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Watch: Cooks Ward Off Knife-Wielding Robber With Soup Ladles

Photo via Pixabay

When you’re a robber armed with a knife and you enter a Chinese restaurant with the goal of robbing the place, a couple of cooking utensils shouldn’t bother you, right?

Not so for a crook in Brooklyn, NY, who sought to rip off Chen’s Garden earlier this month. But just as he was about to jump the counter and make his move towards the register (one can assume), a couple of cooks armed with what appears to be cooking ladles, and a stool, scared off the would-be robber, who apparently has a soup aversion?

Police released surveillance video in hopes someone would recognize the hoodie-clad dude who needs to seriously think about a new line of work. You’d think bringing a knife to a utensil fight would be a winning move, but when you’re afraid of a giant soup spoon, you gonna lose either way.

Police think this is the same guy responsible for a string of hits at fast food places, like Dunkin’ Donuts and KFC/Taco Bell, where an employee was threatened at knife point to take nearly $900 from the register.

In fact, police say he stole more than $500 from a Baskin Robbins just moments before entering Chen’s Garden, where his winning streak abruptly ended.

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