Sunday, November 28, 2021
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This Self-Bathing Dog Is Very Good At Finding His Own Chill

Brady is the patronus for anyone who’s ever just needed to give up on a long day and run a long hot bath. This self-bathing dog is a 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy who refuses to wait for a human to run his bath for him. He’s an independent dog who don’t need no man.

Brady regularly ditches dinner parties to take a bath alone. Been there, felt like doing that. Watch him jump in the tub, check that the water’s running, splash around and then cozy up in a fluffy pink blanket before collapsing in bed. Because baths are hard.

His Instagram is full of bath time photos and videos: Woefully scratching the drain in a dry tub, playing in sprinklers late at night or during the day:

Wait… Is Brady actually trying to tell us something? Is Brady actually an environmentalist protesting his owner’s wasteful water use habits? “Why are you running a sprinkler at midnight?” Brady likely thought to himself before running outside to alert them to this wanton squandering of water during California’s never ending severe drought. “This is Los Angeles, for crying out loud!”


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