Thomas Green, MD

Seattle, WA

I went into medicine to try to cure and to alleviate pain, both physical and psychological. During the 11 years of medical school, internship and residency I was introduced to the science and the possibilities of improving lives and the harsh realities of inability to do so at all times.

After residency, when I opened my practice, I had the world opened to me. I was now able to practice using pharmaceutical medications and learn about their off label uses. When we learn the theory of the pharmaceutical properties, we can start to consider their use in ways that the DEA has not yet studied. Over time I also had the chance to work closely with naturopathic physicians and chiropractors and to experience their contrasting methods of approaching diseases from the way I was trained. And we all shared the same hope of improvement of the human condition.

The use of Cannabis has been a conundrum for practicing MDs. Since it’s use is still a federal offence, one has to consider the possible loss of their DEA license for prescribing Cannabis. For MDs much of the knowledge of the drug is anaecdotal from their patients.

Now after 11 years of training and 32 years of clinical practice I have had the chance to evaluate the use and misuse of many drugs. I hope to share my experiences with others.

Q&A With Thomas Green, MD

  • How effective is medicinal marijuana in treating the side effects of chemotherapy over time?

    Very effective.  A growing number of cancer patients and oncologists view the drug as a viable alternative for managing chemotherapy’s effects, as well as some of the physical and emotional health consequences of cancer, such as bone pain, anxiety and depression.

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