Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Everything About The First Wine & Weed Symposium Debuting This Summer

Forget y’alls wine and cheese pairings. The first ever wine and weed symposium is coming to Sonoma this summer.

Okay, so it won’t exactly be a party with everyone getting high on glasses of Chardonnay and pot brownies, but it is definitely a move that will benefit both wine and cannabis producers.

The Wine Industry Network had the bright idea to bring the two industries together, realizing they have a lot in common — both are agriculture-based, heavily regulated and produce a buzz — and should probably figure out a way to work together.

“The wine industry is obviously more celebrated and socially acceptable. But the cannabis market — especially in California — is ready to explode,” says Al Olson, cannabis editor at The Fresh Toast and former wine editor for the San Jose Mercury News.

Instead of fighting for market share, there is great opportunity for the two sectors to collaborate.

“The mature wine industry will be able to reach a broader, younger audience by working in concert with marijuana outfits. The nascent cannabis industry benefits by introducing its product to a sophisticated consumer base.”

The conference will be held August 3 in Santa Rosa, CA and, according to WIN’s press release, will focus on the legalization of cannabis in California and the expected impact and opportunities that this presents to the wine industry.

Topics will include: the newly implemented law, along with experts from both the wine and cannabis industries on regulations, licensing requirements, hospitality, tourism, farming, and other topics of interest.


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