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Is This The World’s Most Insane Coffee Drink?

A coffee shop in Adelaide, Australia is getting loads of media attention for one of its coffee drinks, which is bordering on controlled substance territory.

The Asskicker is an iced fusion comprised of:

  • four shots of espresso
  • four ounces of cold brew that’s steeped 10 days
  • four ice cubes made from cold brew that’s steeped 48 hours

And the whole thing is topped off with four more 48-hour cold brew ice cubes and a health warning:

“Caution: Persons with high blood pressure and/or heart condition(s) Drink at own Risk!”

Viscous Coffee made the drink for an ER nurse looking for something to keep her awake during a night shift. The Asskicker delivered in spades, keeping her up for three days as she slowly “nursed” the drink over a two-day period.

Viscous owner Steve Benington tells The Advertiser that he toned down the drink after that, but warns the drink is still meant to be sipped over a three to four hour period.





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