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Here’s How 12 Inmates Escaped From Jail Using Peanut Butter

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Sandwiched between prison and freedom, 12 inmates briefly felt the call of the open air after using peanut butter to trick a guard into letting them out.

In a nutshell, the jailbirds squirreled away peanut butter from their sandwiches and used the sticky spread to partially conceal the number that identified the exit door.

AL.com spoke to Belinda Ann Weldon, an attorney who’s familiar with Walker County Jail and says it’s not hard to imagine how an inexperienced guard, watching inmates remotely, could be tricked.

“That placard has a number on it; it’s an off-white. They covered it in peanut butter. Say the number was an 8; they made it look like a 9,” she said. “He pushed the button for a door that instead of going into a dorm went to an outside door,” said Belinda Ann Weldon.

Six of the inmates were captured moments after their escape. Five more were caught within 24 hours. And the twelfth inmate, Brady Kilpatrick, was the one who made it the furthest by having his sister drive him all the way to Martin County, Florida. He was captured Tuesday night and faces additional charges in addition to his initial drug possession indictment.

Walker County Sheriff James Underwood told AL.com: “Look, I don’t like to brag, but we’ve never had an escape from the Martin County Jail. I can tell you this, he won’t be getting any peanut butter.”

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