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Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em, Pickles Are Having A Moment

For whatever reason, pickles have been making headlines lately. What gives?

Much like candy corn, it’s a divisive food. One either appreciates its fermented tangy goodness, or they want to throw it in the trash. Either way, pickles are once again a thing people are talking about. Perhaps to balance out the political bitterness?

Buzzfeed thinks they’re “fucking disgusting.” Are they really? The writer goes so far as to say they ruin hamburgers. Tell that to Mic, which did their due diligence by combing through the history books and schooling us all on how pickles have basically made society better. Oh, and how they served as a gauge for the political health of one of our presidential candidates.

And then there’s The Daily Meal calling out pickles for spiking blood pressure and, even worse, labeling them a “hipster food trend.” Trend? Pickles have been around before Christ, for Christ’s sake. That’s as much of a trend as bread.

Detroit Lions receiver Marvin Jones apparently drinks pickle juice to avoid cramps.

And, of course, there’s this insightful article on 5 Cocktails To Make With Pickle Juice, which you can now buy in cans.

Basically, good or bad, pickles are here to stay so get used to them. And remember, they’re afraid of you more than you’re afraid of them.


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