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Care For Some Pepperoni With Those Beats? Behold Pizza Hut’s Turntable Boxes

It’s a competitive world out there for pizza delivery. If it’s not stuffed crusts and buffalo wings, it’s cheesy bread and triple-chocolate lava crunch brownies with frosting dipping sauce (we wish) used to coax the greasy bills from your wallet. But Pizza Hut may have changed the entire game with a gimmick that’s not even edible: pizza boxes that double as working turntables. Here’s a demo:

Before you go digging your old headphones out of storage, you should know that for now these battery-powered boxes will be limited to just five of Pizza Hut’s 350 restaurants…in the U.K. (The boxes don’t actually contain any pizza.)

As Eater reminds us, this isn’t the first time electronics have been used in promotional stunts; In June, KFC introduced meal boxes that double as USB ports and prior to that, both Coke and McDonald’s delved into the virtual reality business with their packaging.

For those able to get their hands on the scratchable boxes, no need to order extra peppers on your pie because your sick beats are going to be straight fire!

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