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Rick Astley Is Never Gonna Give Up Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

For someone who usually shows up uninvited, Rick Astley came back from the musical graveyard to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit. And he got super excited when a user asked him what his favorite sandwich is.


It’s a cheese and ham, but I need to qualify why.

I don’t really like to fly, so I drive everywhere. Literally I’ve driven from Oslo to Lisbon. From Budapest to Paris, and the one thing you can be assured for at any petrol station, anywhere int he world, if you just go cheese and ham, it will be edible. It’s like a savior to me! It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel, a cheese and ham sandwich. And only a fool would go for a prawn sandwich when they have ot work at the end of that car ride.

I actually STOP people sometimes eating prawns and shellfish. I’ll go “we’ve got a 12 hour flight you know,” and they’ll go “shit, you’re right.”

Further down the Q & A string, Astley was asked by another reddidtor if he’d ever open a Subway-style chain of restaurants called RickRoll. His response:

I haven’t thought of it, but it’s now making me think of doing. We’d start with the cheese and ham special! Cuz no fool starts with a prawn!

This guy!

Astley was online to promote his first album since 1993.

As for the question posed by user doorbellguy about whether or not Astley stands by the comments he made about legalizing marijuana everywhere, we are still waiting for an answer.


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