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I’m Brandi And My Future Mother In Law Is A Hot Mess!

I met my bf Trevor about three years ago at a church picnic near Dallas. He’s the best, and a total babe. We moved last year to be closer to his family. Now we live — that’s right — in Florida, where everything weird always seems to happen. Or, at least, it happens to us.

We’re in Miami Beach, and my younger brother, Timmy, moved in with us recently to save money for college. I work as a waitress and do some occasional stripping to make ends meet. My ends sure meet some interesting characters, that’s for sure.

Anyway, until recently all was fine and dandy and I was totally in love with Trevor. Timmy was super into living in Miami Beach because he’s gotten really into body building and, truth be told, is looking pretty fine these days. Maybe too fine — at least that’s what my future mother in law (FMIL) seems to think. Why do I say that? Oh, only because at a family friend’s birthday BBQ the other day she got a tad… tipsy and then she got a tad handsy with my younger brother. How handsy? Let’s just say now she knows he’s circumcised. Yeah. THAT handsy.

It was crazy. Everyone could see — hell, she didn’t even do a good job of hiding it over there by the smoked ribs platter. (Delish, btw!) Trevor saw. Father McDonough was there — and turned a freaky whiter shade of pale. Even the Williams’ dogs!! I’ve never heard those rottweilers howl so loud. Now Trevor isn’t talking with his mom, and Timmy is afraid to come out of his room. All because of my horndog FMIL!

 Ed note: OK, this didn’t really happen. But it could’ve! We all know stories like this and people who find themselves in Hot Messes! And we want to hear from all those people–and from you, too. So send us your best, craziest, cringe-iest real-life tales and we might just put them on The Fresh Toast. How hot would that be? To submit a Hot Mess story for consideration email us at: Thank you!



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