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Mom Gives Daughter A Gift That She Swears Isn’t A Sex Toy

It's totally a sex toy.

sex toy
Photo via @robertsshelby57/Twitter

It was almost a very merry Christmas, until 18-year-old Shelby Donavan realized her gift was less fun, more function.

Yeti makes travel coffee mugs that some people love so much, they buy handles for them instead of just buying a new mug. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how open minded you happen to be — these handles look a lot like something you’d find in a sex toy shop, not an outdoor equipment store.

That’s the conclusion Shelby came to when she opened her gift from her mother. The hot pink handle with a ribbed edge and rounded tip did not bring to mind sipping a beverage from her favorite mug.

Her tweet about the misunderstanding went viral, with nearly one thousand replies, 200 thousand likes and more than 80 thousand retweets. The replies are mostly people all-caps screaming “I’M CRYING” or some variation of an internet squeal, the

A professional sex toy designer even chimed in to say, yep, that is definitely doable as a dildo.

Perhaps the best response to come from this gifting misunderstanding came from Shelby’s grandmother: “Business in the morning, fun at night.”

There are even copycats springing up to trick their own grandmas, with the cup holder slash dildo gifts:

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