Sunday, December 4, 2022

Diaper-Sporting Monkey Briefly Tastes Freedom In A Walmart Parking Lot

A diaper-clad monkey who fled his owner’s trailer spent several glorious, freedom-filled minutes romping through a Walmart parking lot Sunday before being corralled and shepherded back to his mobile home.

A Facebook video of the incident, which took place in Lancaster, Ohio, shows the monkey clinging to a shopping cart rack as an employee and his owner try to regain control. At one point, the monkey leaps on the employee before being dragged away by his owner.

Richelle Stewart, who filmed the monkey’s brief escape, described what she saw to to a local news channel. From WCMH:

“I saw the monkey and he was just standing on the carts, and this lady was trying to come over and get him,” said Stewart. “The monkey had escaped from a nearby camper. And we saw the cart guy from Walmart coming over to help her.”

The video shows the monkey’s owner running towards the employee shouting, “Let her go, let her go. Did she bite you?”

“All of a sudden the monkey jumps on him and she pushes him out the way,” Stewart says.

The employee wasn’t injured. The monkey and his owner might be in some legal trouble, though: According to WCMH, the Department of Agriculture wants to speak to the owner, who may not have properly registered the animal.

For her part, Stewart thought the incident was a great introduction to life in Lancaster. “When we posted it on Facebook, we did it for fun. We go to Walmart, we moved to Lancaster and there’s a monkey,” she said.



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