Monday, November 28, 2022

Crickets, Worms and Peeing Woman Cause Absolute Chaos on New York Subway (UPDATE)

Only in New York is this possible: A subway car e-braked on the Manhattan Bridge, crickets chirping around, worms wriggling on the ground, and a woman urinating as protest. Oh, and she tried to throw up on people.

Let’s rewind a second. During this week’s Wednesday evening commute, a woman entered the train, carrying a box full of crickets and worms (it seems like everyone’s got one these days…) that she tried to peddle on the D train. But a group of teenagers apparently pushed or bumped or did something to this woman, instigating her to throw the box in the air, letting loose the bugs and worms. Pandemonium ensued.

Straphangers all scurried to one end of the car as the chirping creatures began jumping on them while the worms mostly hung out on the floor, doing worm activities, chief among them: slithering. Amidst the chaos, someone reportedly broke the cardinal rule of the train: pulled the emergency brake. Trapped atop the Manhattan Bridge with no air conditioning for 30 minutes, you might expect everyone to act civil and overcome this tough time together. You would be wrong.

This woman lost her damn mind. An eyewitness informed the New York Post, where we discovered this wonderful hot mess, that this woman tried to escape out the windows and break down the doors. Then, as a few men attempted to calm her down, holding her back, she tried to throw up on them.

Thankfully for the passengers, the train resumed service and stopped at the DeKalb Avenue station, where police were waiting.

I would end this story with saying something like, maybe next time don’t pull the emergency brake and don’t carry around a box of crickets and worms on a train, but that will never happen. This is New York. There are no rules.

UPDATE: Apparently it was all an act! From Fusion:

On Friday, an 18-minute video began circulating on Facebook. It depicted the entire incident—including the moment when the insects were released, first by the woman and then by another passenger who hits the container of bugs out of her hand. Unlike the blurry Instagram footage, this video is clear, and contains shots from multiple angles. It’s the sort of suspiciously well-produced footage which gives the impression that maybe this wasn’t such a spontaneous event, after all.

Intrigued, we called Zaida Pugh, the woman who posted the video, to find out where the footage came from. After speaking for some time, Pugh admitted finally, “It was a prank. I’m an actress. That was me.”

The entire episode, she said, was a performance art piece meant to highlight the way people with mental and emotional health issues are treated.

Read more about the insane stunt here.



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