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WTF Is Going On With All The Clowns, And How Scared Should We Be?

The great clowns epidemic of 2016 has drifted south to Georgia, where children in two cities have reportedly been harassed by the make-up-covered walking nightmares.

In LaGrange, Ga. on Monday, a Facebook group purportedly started by a clown (or clowns) threatened to drive a van to five local schools and abduct children, according to WXIA. The Facebook group has since been taken down, but the LaGrange police department isn’t taking any chances.

The same day, 95 miles to the east, in Macon, Ga., a woman claims three of her children were chased by clowns who had emerged from the woods.

“They’re still shaken up,” Aisha Thompson told WGXA. “My oldest daughter, she’s the big sister of all four of them, she’s shaking in her jacket. When I was hugging her she was shaking and she’s in the mentor’s program, on the softball team, and JLC. She doesn’t want to go to school, and my children love school.”

According to Thompson’s youngest son, the clowns were carrying lasers; other witnesses told police they were holding flashlights and fake knives. There were also reports of Facebook messages sent from people in clown make-up that read, “I will find you.”

Like the incident of LaGrange, police have so far found no physical evidence to support the clown claims.

The Georgia clown developments come fast on the  (floppy, red, oversized) heels of similar incidents in South and North Carolina, and just days after Stephen King told a reporter he suspects the entire thing is a series of hoaxes.

Posted By: Taylor Berman


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