Thursday, June 8, 2023

4 Alternatives To Using A Butane Lighter When You Smoke

Lighters are important for any type of smoker, but sometimes it’s nice to have other options. Here are 4 subs.

A lighter is a necessity for all kinds of cannabis smokers. Whether you’ve invested in a nice Zippo lighter or you’re constantly buying BICs from your nearest gas station, there’s no getting high without them — at least if you’re a bong or joint person. But, there are other ways to light up, removing butane from the equation and managing a more organic way to get high.

There’s no best way to light a joint, but at least there’s plenty of options at your disposal. From the organic to DIY hacks that can rescue a faltering smoke session, here are four alternatives to using a lighter:

Hemp wick

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Hemp wicks are lengths of hemp twine that have been dipped in beeswax and can be used to light your joints and bowls. They’re slow burning and easy to handle, meaning that you won’t burn your fingers off simply because you have no experience wielding them. Hemp wicks have no butane, and converts believe it results in a better-tasting experience.

Flame free lighters

marijuana pipe
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Pixabay

Flame-free lighters don’t require butane and are windproof, which is one of the most amazing things that can happen to someone. No more huddling in the corner to light a joint on the street. Depending on the maker of the lighter, these products produce flame through a tiny spark or through high levels of heat that are capable of lighting a joint upon contact. They’re pretty cool even if there’s a learning curve to how you use them.

A piece of glass

4 Alternatives To Lighters
Photo by Stephen Kraakmo via Unsplash

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While not every piece of glass will work, a magnifying glass or camera lens should be able to light a joint if you know what you’re doing or had a knack for chemistry experiments when you were little. Hold a glass over your joint or bowl at an angle in broad daylight and wait for the magic to happen. Make sure the reflection is pointing at the weed or at the tip of the joint in order to avoid burning your table or whatever is underneath.

A dry spaghetti noodle or a toothpick

4 Alternatives To Lighters
Photo by Markus Winkler via Unsplash

A more reliable way to light a joint when you can’t find a lighter would be to use a dry spaghetti noodle or a toothpick and place it over the stove. This method removes all of the butane from the equation, transforming your noodle/toothpick into a temporary match. Just don’t burn yourself or set something on fire by accident.



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