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This Orangutan’s Baby Registry Includes ‘Zootopia’ And Dolly CDs

Orangutan's Baby Registry
Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Target really does have all your shopping needs. Even if you happen to be an orangutan.

Two orangutans from the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas are soon expecting a baby. So much excitement revolves around the parents Mei and KJ newborn that the zoo is hosting a baby shower for the expecting couple. Cake will be served for human guests. But that’s not all: there will even be a gift registry for the new baby orangutan.

Turns out Target carries what a baby orangutan needs. Reading the list, you probably couldn’t differentiate between an orangutan and human baby’s needs: a Dolly Parton CD, stuffed animals, a Spongebob Squarepants bubble bath, books, and the movie Zootopia.

“When Mei first got here, she was young, 10 years, she loved the movie Jungle Book,” Zoo curator of exhibits and programs Terri Cox told the Associated Press. “That was the one thing that would bring her up to the front until she got used to her surroundings.”

The registry includes gifts that are considered enrichment items to stimulate the new arrival as well as new animals in the zoo. They help track the mental and physical progression of animals within the confines of a zoo environment.

Mei is due in late January and considering the endangerment of wild orangutans, the zoo staff will be on 24-hour watch starting in mid-January to help deliver the animal. Their goal is to help save the species from extinction, though they won’t reveal the animal’s gender until birth.

“These are magnificent animals. To encourage people to develop a connection to them, that’s the role of zoos,” Cox said. “In a perfect zoo we’d love for everything to live in their natural habitat. But in order to save the species, we have specific survival plans.”

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