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Dolly Parton Gets COVID-19 Shot, Makes Convincing PSA

National treasure Dolly Parton got inoculated and filmed herself while it happened.

The world exhaled a collective sigh of relief yesterday when Dolly Parton posted a video of herself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. She joked that she “got a taste of her own medicine,” alluding to the fact that she was one of the investors of the Moderna vaccine. The internet is, of course, extremely relieved.

According to reports, the 75-year-old donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University in 2020 in order to help them find a cure for COVID-19 and speed the process along.


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Parton also uploaded a video of her talking about her decision to take the vaccine, calling herself “old enough” and “smart enough” to take it. She then proceeded to sing a version of “Jolene” where she replaced the name with the word “vaccine.” It’s great.

The video is three minutes long and it explains the process of the COVID-19 shot pretty thoroughly, with Parton introducing her doctor, putting on her face mask and then having him inject her. Aside from encouraging eligible people to get their shots, Dolly also provides us with sensible clothes to wear when out for a vaccination; a dress with some fancy holes on the upper side of her arms.

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Before injecting Parton, the doctor asks her whether she has any serious disorders or allergies, to which she said no. After the shot, Parton said that the process didn’t hurt at all.

Be like Dolly and, if eligible, sign up to get your COVID-19 shot.


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