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10 Weird Sex Facts You Probably Don’t Know About

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Sex is a topic that never stops arousing our interest. Scientists are always discovering new sex facts that make us question gender in general. Sex proves, time and time again, that the interest on the topic never wanes.

We’ve compiled a list on the 10 weirdest sex facts that have been backed by science. Check them out:

Women are more likely to cheat on their partners when they’re ovulating.
This moment in their bodies (and menstruation cycle) makes them susceptible to cheating due to their innate urge to have their eggs fertilized.

Most women who lose their virginity between the ages of 15 and 19 wish they’d waited a little longer.
Other related statistics show that the majority of teenagers lose their virginity by the time they’re 17 years old.

Depending on the wiring of their brains, some people want to have more sex while others want to have less of it.
Scientists don’t know the exact reason why, but this difference in sex drives proves that we are all very different, even in basic biological things like sex and hormones.

During intercourse our inner nose swells, just like our genitals do.
For no explainable reason.

Lower cholesterol is related to better performance in bed.
So eat healthy and stay in shape.

About one-third of women in their 80s still remain sexually active.
Just in case you were wondering if your grandparents still have sex.

Wolves, bears and bats are some of the animals that engage in oral sex.
Just like humans do.

In Australia, 28 percent of the population admits to having had a threesome.
At least once in their life.

Around 60 percent of men when aroused have erect nipples.
In fact, their nipples are just as sensitive as women’s nipples.

Masturbation has been correlated with a decrease in depression, a surge in confidence, and body positivity. 

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