Thursday, October 21, 2021


This Is How Much The Cannabis Market Will Be Worth In 2030

Their initial forecast predicted $50 billion by 2026, but now they're saying that the market has already reached that number.

Louie Anderson: ‘Let’s Legalize Marijuana In All States’

Comedian Louie Anderson has revealed his stance on marijuana legalization in his new memoir Hey Mom: Stories For My Mother But You Can Read Them Too.

Young People Believe Alcohol Will Kill You Faster Than Marijuana

In our age of wellness and enrichment, people still like to have fun, but they want to monitor what they put into their bodies. A new Oregon study found that young people believe alcohol does more harm to their bodies that marijuana.

Why Does Binge Drinking Increase During March Madness?

For every tip-off during March Madness, it’s a sure bet that students at the schools playing in the basketball tournament will be tipping up more beer bottles than usual.

Science: Mixing Cannabis And Alcohol Can Be Dangerous

A casual cocktail or two with a puff or two isn’t likely to send you over the edge, head in toilet, unable to speak, but if you go a good four or five cocktails deep and then smoke a fat doobie, chances are you’re going to regret it.

Rhode Island’s Ballot Initiative Represents Crucial Moment For Cannabis Legalization

Rhode Island citizens will be greeted by a question that could hold fundamental weight to cannabis legalization nationwide this voting season.

Weed Or Alcohol: Which Is More Likely To Lead To Sex Regret?

When it comes to that post-hookup regret we all experience at least once in our lives, the feeling is more common after consuming too much alcohol versus marijuana.

Why Does Booze Make Some People Mean?

Scientists in Australia decided to study the human drunk brain, and found some interesting results.


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