Wednesday, December 1, 2021


This Company Is Developing A Combined COVID/Flu Shot

A combined COVID-19/flu shot would inoculate people against the two viruses in one sitting.

Could CBD Protect You From The Flu?

It is officially cold and flu season. Here's how CBD might be able to help you cope. 

It’s Easier To Catch The Flu In The Winter — Here’s Why

The winter is often associated with more colds and flu infections. Here's how the weather affects viruses and our immune systems.

Is It COVID-19, Allergies Or The Flu? Here’s How To Tell

With the weather dropping and the pandemic raging, it's more important than ever to learn the difference between COVID-19, allergies, the common cold and flu.

Why We’re Seeing A New Wave Of COVID-19

A spike in new COVID-19 cases suggests that we're experiencing a second wave of the pandemic. Here's why.

3 Things You Should Know About COVID And The Flu

While health and distancing measures will be effective in controlling both of these illnesses, you can expect some extra stress due to the similarity of these conditions.

How To Prepare For This Year’s Flu Season

This year's flu season has the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how you can take better care of yourself.

Can CBD Help With Winter Colds And Flu?

Some medical experts believe CBD can help manage the symptoms of the common cold and flu.


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