Tuesday, December 7, 2021

New York

New York Bans Cannabis And Psychedelic Mushroom Ads On Public Transport

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has banned all cannabis and psychedelic mushroom ads on subways, buses and trains.

NY Senator’s Proposal: Offer Cannabis Equity Benefits To Transgender And Non-Binary People

Under the current cannabis law in New York, licensing priority is given to women-owned enterprises and other marginalized groups affected by the War on Drugs.

New York Marathon: The Big Apple Is Back And Cannabis Came With It

Sunday marks the 50th running of the New York City Marathon, the largest in the world.

It’s Official: New York Bans Delta-8 THC Products, Allows Hemp Flower Sales

New York is still figuring out which rules and guidelines are needed to make its legal marijuana program function properly.

New York Cannabis Board Declares Marijuana Gifting Illegal

Now that the cannabis board has provided a clear stance, it is more likely that law enforcement will act upon cannabis gifting.

New York Regulators Move To Let Medical Cannabis Patients Grow Their Own Cannabis

Home cultivation of medical cannabis is allowed for patients 21 years and older in the state's Medical Cannabis Program.

NY Becomes First State To Prohibit Employers From Testing (Most) Employees For Weed

While employers are still allowed to penalize workers for being impaired on the job, the threshold to proving impairment has been significantly raised.

Medical Flower Now Allowed In New York

In addition to approving flower, the state's Cannabis Control Board also loosened other restrictions.


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