Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Toddler Enters Wrong Password And Locks iPhone For 48 Years

A two-year-old boy in Shanghai repeatedly entered the wrong password so many times the phone was locked out for 25 million minutes, which equals 48 years. Wow.

Apple’s iPhone 8 And iPhone X Hold A Nasty Winter Surprise

Thousands of iOS users have to put up with a wide variety of bugs and software issues that are driving them crazy.

Professional DSLR Photos Vs. iPhone Camera: What’s The Dif?

Smartphones give everyone the ability to take beautiful pictures that a few years ago were only achievable through DSLRs and professional cameras.

Barbra Streisand Really Loved Her Dog, So She Cloned It Twice

Rich people have a lot of benefits, among them—loving their pets for longer than the rest of us because that's just the way the world works.

5 Of Apple’s Most Popular Products Were Developed By Other Companies

While it is true that other companies tend to follow in their footsteps, in a lot of cases, Apple wasn't the first to invent these technologies.

Apple’s Mad: Take A Look At This $150 iPhone X Ripoff

You may not have heard of Leagoo, a Chinese company that makes all sorts of devices, but they're pretty gutsy.

Here’s How Apple Will Take Your Money In The Near Future

There are so many rumors surrounding Apple that users and long-term fans of the company are getting nervous.

7 iPhone Hacks Every Texter Needs Right Now

Texting has become such a big part of our day-to-day lives that we're capable of understanding what a friend means when they text a single letter or a meme.


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