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Google Is Redesigning Gmail: Here’s What To Expect

Bored of looking at your email all day? Google wants to help, as the company is redesigning its Gmail web interface, according to The Verge. The update will closely mirror Google’s changes for accessing Gmail on mobile devices. Google is currently testing the new template inside the company, as well as with some trusted partners.

Among the included features will be smart replies and a new snooze feature. Both of these services are already available on mobile, but will make their way to desktop for the first time. With Snooze, emails can be temporarily hidden from view until a designated time. This will allow users the ability to avoid emails while working on other projects or the time necessary to craft a reply. Smart Reply will suggest quick responses to emails for users to choose from.

The Gmail redesign will also include a new sidebar, “with the option of using Google’s calendar, Keep note-taking app, or tasks side-by-side with your email messages,” writes The Verge. In other words, you can schedule meetings and phone calls right away without having to check your calendar or searching for your to-do list.

Via The Verge:

Google is providing three new layouts to choose from, including a default view that highlights attachments like documents and photos, a comfortable view that doesn’t highlight attachments, and a compact view that increases the amount of messages you can see on a single page. The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout.

Google will be unlocking the redesign and its new features for G Suite and Gmail users in the coming weeks. We’ll likely hear more from Google at its upcoming Google I/O developer conference, which starts on May 8 in Mountain View, California.

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