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5 Simple Steps To Follow For A Halloween Detox We All Need

Halloween is bad for your stomach, no matter how old you are and what your plans are during that night. Synonymous with candy and alcohol, Halloween is sometimes a week long event that leaves most of us exhausted, feeling like our bodies – primarily our bellies – could use a break.

While it’s cool to have fun and indulge during this faux holiday, it’s also great to come up with a recovery plan that’ll help you get back on the health track, which is what we’re here for. These 5 simple steps can be done whenever you’re ready and will help ease your transition into regular non-candy life: 

Drink More Water

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This one is kind of obvious, but still very important. Water is energizing and the perfect solution for when you’ve eaten and drunk a little too much. It’ll also help you maintain your body hydrated while forcing those toxins out of you.  

Quit Sugar

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At some point it’s gotta happen. Eating candy and sweets will only make you crave them more, which is why they’re so addictive and hard to cut off. To make the process more simple, switch up the sugary snacks for some fruits and veggies, which will provide the sweetness your body craves while also helping you get your body back in top shape.

Eat Nourishing Foods

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Try to avoid processed foods and eat the most natural things you can find. Have some salads and soups while supplementing your days and cravings with healthy and fruit only smoothies. This will get your body to crave good foods instead of candy and bad carbs.

Fight Fatigue

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Halloween is a time consuming event that can eat a lot of your resting time. As we’ve mentioned before, sleep is super important, so if you can’t fit in your eight hours of sleep then try to eat foods such as whole grains and lean proteins which will make your body fight off fatigue.

Move & Exercise More

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You can start off slowly by walking a lot or doing some yoga, then, after a couple of days, you can graduate with a super intense workout session that’ll help you burn all those extra calories.


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